COVID-19: Advice for Applicants to the MSc Programme

Dear Applicants,

I am delighted to confirm to you that the University is very much open for business, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The faculty and staff are all working as normal, whether from home or from the office, and we are successfully delivering the MSc programme online to the students who are based in the Residence. The main building, including the library, is open to any student who wants to use it. We’re also running a liaison programme with the students at the Residence, making sure that we are there to offer any support needed, along with visits by me and members of the senior management team.

You may know that Sweden, thanks to its low population density, has not been subject to the stringent lockdowns that many of you are facing, and so normal life, though with social distancing, is continuing. I understand that this pandemic is making us all feel so isolated, to say nothing of worried, but I want you all to know that we are determined to continue our normal operations, while at the same time, protecting our students, the most important members of the WMU Family. We are all very conscious that the maritime and oceans sector will need expertise more than ever to re-build when this situation comes to an end.

We are planning to deliver the English & Study Skills Programme online as scheduled from 15 June 2020, as we are assuming that incoming students may still be facing travel restrictions. 

For the intake to the standard MSc from 14 September, we are moving forward on the basis that we will be teaching either in person or online - plans for both are in place. If we are able to teach in person, then we will run the orientation week as normal, from 7 September. If not, then it will be run before on-site classes start. 

We have been delivering the second term online to the Class of 2020 since 17 March, and it is working well. Our students are magnificent in their determination to cope with this situation. Obviously, it is not easy, but we are all pulling together to make things work.

I am hoping that you will join WMU either in June or in September this year. Please accept my personal assurances that we will make this possible. You are the future of the maritime and oceans sectors. You are now more needed than ever as the world has not faced a crisis such as this in modern times. I know that your dedication and determination, hand-in-hand with our own, will make it possible for us all to emerge from this crisis stronger, more flexible, more responsive and able to make the greatest impact.

All the very best to you and your colleagues, family and friends - Stay Safe!

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

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