First Cyber-MAR Training Completed

The first Cyber-MAR complimentary training course took place 24-26 November, addressing cybersecurity threats and fundamental concepts for reducing cyber risk in the maritime sector. More than 125 people with different marine and stakeholder backgrounds, disciplines, and levels of expertise, registered for the interdisciplinary training. 

The World Maritime University (WMU) project team, in cooperation with the project partners, conducted the 3-day training which was the first of three levels of the training programme. The entry level course included an introduction to different scenarios relating to the nature of the attacks , including Wi-Fi, satellite, spoofing, jamming, social engineering, and/or data theft. 

The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) guidelines on maritime cyber risk management, and the resolution to address cybersecurity in Safety-Management Systems as well as the regional and local regulatory frameworks for cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, were highlighted along with the importance of raising awareness and promoting a cybersecurity culture in both onshore and offshore facilities as well as on board ships. Cyber risk principles were presented with mitigation and remediation considerations with a view to promote a secure, vigilant and resilient approach to cybersecurity preparedness. Mid-level training is expected to take place in 2021.

WMU Faculty who contributed as panelists for the entry level course included Dr Henning Jessen, Dr Dimitrios Dalaklis, and Dr Fabio Ballini who is the Principal Investigator for WMU’s participation in the Cyber-MAR project. Additional panelists included Dr Pablo Giménez from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Dr Rory Hopcraft from the University of Plymouth, Chronos Kapaladis from HudsonAnalytix and Cristiano Cafferata from Cyberoo. WMU Research Assistant, Captain Seyed Vahid Vakili, served as the moderator.

The objectives of the 36-month project state: “Cyber-MAR is an effort to fully unlock the value of using a cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting to the peculiarities of the maritime sector, but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors.”

A combination of innovative technologies make up the proposed Cyber-MAR platform which is knowledge-based, as well as a decision support tool for cybersecurity measures utilizing novel risk analysis and econometric models. WMU is the leader of Work Package 6, focused on training and awareness activities that include complimentary courses covering the training needs for all relevant professionals - ports, shipping operators, among others.

For more information about the Cyber-MAR project, visit: www.cyber-mar.EU.

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