Focusing on the Future of Shipping and Oceans

WMU participated in the third International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Maritime Safety and Technology held in Daejeon (Republic of Korea) 12-14 November that brought together researchers from Asia, Europe and the Americas to focus on the theme of "e-Navigation and Ocean Economy". The event included numerous presentations on future developments and implementations of IMO's e-Navigation initiative to "...enhance berth to berth navigation and related services for safety and security at sea and protection of the marine environment ". 

WMU actively contributed to the conference presenting original research focused on reducing the number of accidents via enhanced methods to assess the potential impacts of innovative e-Navigation. Associate Professor, Dr. Michael Baldauf and alumnus Mr. Sun-Bae Hong (M.Sc. 2015 MSEA) jointly presented their work that included a new methodological approach for impact quantification and suggestions for enhanced simulation-based training modules to ensure smooth introduction of e-Navigation into practice.

Further information on the conference click here. 

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