Future Maritime Leaders Learn Policy

As part of IMO's on-going work to support the future leaders of the maritime world, the World Maritime University (WMU) MSc in Maritime Affairs graduating class of 2019 were familiarised with the concept of Maritime Transport Policy during a three-day seminar held at WMU (2-4 October). 

The event focused on Maritime Transport Policy formulation, which is being promoted by IMO as a good governance practice to guide planning, decision making and legislation in the maritime sector, and a key driver for a country's sustainable development. IMO has since 2015 been providing training to its Member States, upon request, on the formulation and development of maritime transport policy. However, this is the first time that such specialised seminar is being delivered, as part of WMU’s MSc in Maritime Affairs academic programme

The end of the seminar included students participating in a practical group exercise, during which they drafted and presented a policy document, encompassing the key aspects of a maritime transport policy. The seminar was coordinated by Prof. George Theocharidis and delivered by the WMU Faculty (Profs. Mejia, Theocharidis, Carballo, Baumler, Jessen), together with Neil Bellefontaine, Senior Advisor to the President and IMO's Jonathan Pace participating as a resource person.

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