Germany Announces One Million Euros for WMU Endowment Fund
October 31, 2016 - 9:00am

The Government of Germany has announced plans to contribute one million euros to the World Maritime University’s Endowment Fund to help ensure its future financial sustainability. The announcement was made by Mr Reinhard Klingen, Director-General, Waterways and Shipping of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany, who was the keynote speaker at the 2016 WMU Graduation Ceremony on 29 October.

In making the announcement, Mr Klingen stated “WMU is a backbone of support for the goals of IMO through education, research and development cooperation. Germany’s support to the WMU Endowment Fund will ensure the education of future maritime leaders who will study at WMU in the spirit of the United Nations and will support the important work of IMO.” He referred to the importance of the IMO as a global regulator of maritime safety and protection of the marine environment. Germany, he said, “believes that it is important to work together with all countries to achieve the objectives of IMO and strengthen cooperation in the maritime sector.” Mr Klingen also spoke of Germany’s interest in permanent and fruitful partnerships with the home countries of WMU students and their importance to the future of the global maritime sector, especially now that their education has prepared them to assume the highest maritime positions in their home countries.

In making the announcement of the contribution, Mr Klingen stated the Budget Commission has already agreed to the contribution and that the proposal is expected to be adopted next month by the Plenary of the National Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. He expressed the hope that “other countries would follow the German example and support the WMU Endowment Fund to ensure the education of future maritime leaders who will study at WMU in the spirit of the United Nations and will support the important work of IMO.” Mr Klingen also confirmed the intention of the Ministry to continue to provide fellowships for students in the WMU Master of Science (MSc) programme.

In responding to this announcement, WMU President, Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry stated, “I am elated by the announcement that Germany will make a contribution of one million Euros to the WMU Endowment Fund. This represents the first such announcement by a Government to the WMU Endowment Fund. I am confident that this contribution will encourage other Governments to follow suit. Such contributions ensure that WMU will be able to educate, undertake cutting edge research and build the capacity of future leaders of the maritime industry and the oceans, not only today but also in the future.”

The German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has funded 12 WMU students including four in the Class of 2016, and four in the Class of 2017. Germany has been an important supporter of the University since it was founded in 1983. Five students have been funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and 319 students have been funded by its predecessor, the Carl Duisburg Gesellschaftincluding Mr. Kitack Lim, the first IMO Secretary-General and WMU Chancellor to be an Alumnus of the World Maritime University.


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October 31, 2016

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