Landmark Contribution from the Philippine Alumni to WMU Endowment Fund

Atty. Dacanay presenting the contribution from WMUPAA

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the World Maritime University (WMU), the WMU Philippines Alumni Association (WMUPAA) presented a donation to the WMU Endowment Fund.

The contribution in the sum of USD 6,000 was presented on 22 June by Atty. Jabeth Dacanay, President of WMUPAA, during WMU@40 Conference on Maritime and Ocean Sustainability. WMUPAA made the donation as an expression of their appreciation for the high-quality education that WMU has provided to students from the Philippines and numerous developing countries.

Speaking on behalf of the WMUPAA, Atty. Dacanay said, “As part of our giving back to the very institution that nurtured us and provided us with an excellent postgraduate education, network of friends, and has certainly helped, to a large extent, our personal development and career advancement, the WMU Philippines Alumni Association donates a sum of 6,000 US dollars to WMU for its projects.”

WMU President, Professor Maximo Q. Mejia, conveyed his profound gratitude to WMUPAA, highlighting that this donation holds significant importance as it marks the second contribution from a WMU Alumni Association to the University's Endowment Fund. He remarked, "I am deeply honored and truly grateful for this forward-thinking initiative you've undertaken. It stands as a beacon of hope and sets an example for other WMU alumni associations globally, inspiring them to emulate your exceptional generosity."

Out of the 5,807 WMU alumni worldwide, 213 are from the Philippines. The first Filipino graduated from WMU in 1985, and the latest in 2022. The graduates have played a significant role in the Filipino maritime and ocean affairs sector. Notably, alumni hold senior government and industry positions. The current WMU President, Professor Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. is from the Philippines and graduated from WMU in 1994.


WMU Alumni from the Philippines

About the WMU Philippines Alumni Association (WMUPAA)

Established in 2013, WMUPAA was created with the goal of establishing a platform that enables the sharing of valuable maritime and associated insights among Filipino graduates and stakeholders within the sector, both domestically and internationally. This platform aims to optimize the application of maritime knowledge, with the ultimate aim of supporting the overall growth, advancement, and lasting viability of the sector, as well as enhancing the Filipino maritime programme.


About the WMU Endowment Fund‍

WMU is self-funded, and the support of donors is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability and impact of WMU. In support of the WMU Endowment Fund efforts, the Stewards of the Sea campaign aims to achieve the strategic objective of long-term financial stability, independence and sustainability of the University and to augment WMU’s capacity to provide education, training, research, scholarship and capacity building in maritime and ocean-related matters for government officials and industry stakeholders, particularly those in developing countries. WMUPAA is the second WMU Alumni Association to contribute to their alma mater’s Endowment Fund. The WMU Alumni Association of Liberia (WMUAAL) made a donation of USD 4,000 in 2021. To learn more about how to support the capacity-building mission of WMU, click here.

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