Launch of MarTID – the Global Maritime Training Insights Database

A historic initiative to study global maritime training practices, investment and thought is underway with the launch of the inaugural MarTID survey (www.martid.org/survey).

MarTID – the global Maritime Training Insights Database – is designed to provide a global picture of maritime training that is not currently available, offering the global maritime community data on current and emerging training trends and techniques, staffing models, training focus areas, training tools, training resource allocation and assessment practices. MarTID is a non-commercial initiative collaboratively founded by the World Maritime University, New Wave Media and Marine Learning Systems.

MarTID: Why Now?

At the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding among the three founding organizations in the summer of 2017, WMU President, Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, noted that for many decades there has been a dearth of information regarding how the industry actually manages, delivers and assesses training within and beyond the framework of the requirements of the STCW Convention, as amended. These surveys would help to bridge that gap and to provide insights for the continued development of the STCW Convention and industry practice. She stated, “WMU anticipates that the surveys, their findings and subsequent analyses will result in significant and authoritative insights for the improvement of industry practices and international policy & legislation in this specific area, and the enhancement of global ship operations in general”.

It is generally perceived that ‘the human element’ is the leading contributory causative factor in up to 80% or more of maritime accidents. In response, vessel operators and maritime training centers are investing in creating best practice and innovative training programs. However, traditionally maritime industry training approaches, successes and failures are not broadly shared and studied, with training leaders left to their own devices to invent and design their best practice training approach.

The MarTID survey, with survey participation of senior training administrators at vessel operators and maritime training facilities, aims to collect and analyze a broad scope of maritime training data and information, allowing training executives to benchmark training approaches.

MarTID will contain anonymized and secure data on industry training practices, foci, and outcomes. It will continually grow in depth and value as a resource through the administration of an annual maritime training practices survey. Every year following the survey, a series of reports will be published broadly.

The inaugural MarTID survey is available through 31 January 2018. To take the MarTID Survey, visit  www.martid.org/survey

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