NSB Continues to Support Research for WMU Masters Students

Sebastian Boll, VP Marine Technical Operations, was one of the four recent Visiting Lecturers from NSB for students in the Shipping Logistics & Management and Port Management specializations.

The German shipping company, Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (NSB), has renewed an educational partnership with the World Maritime University (WMU) in which outstanding students are offered close cooperation with, and an internship at NSB, in the process of writing their MSc dissertation.

A partnership was initially established between NSB and WMU in December of 2021 in which a student enrolled in the Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration (MSEA) specialization in the Malmö MSc in Maritime Affairs programme was selected to work with NSB on his dissertation topic of Understanding the psychology and disposition of seafarers in the context of Attrition and Retention – A Case Study of NSB Group. 

Under a renewed partnership this year, three students in the Ocean, Sustainability, Governance and Management specialization will be supported by NSB on their research about threats and degradation of seagrass meadows and mangrove forests. The research will study social and ecological aspects of restorations of these important habitats since seagrasses as well as mangroves are essential ecosystems for carbon sequestration. The students will conduct the research in parts of Africa, and later visit NSB in Buxtehude to present findings and discuss the results. 

Regarding the continued partnership, WMU President, Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry said, “Connections with the industry are invaluable to WMU. I am pleased to see that the MoU with NSB, an important industry partner, is continuing with significant effort on the part of both parties to advance the educational and research mission of WMU.”

In addition to the support of student research, NSB also contributes to educational activities at WMU by sending members of their management team to lecture in Malmö. Four NSB managers recently contributed as Visiting Lecturers for students in the Shipping Logistics & Management and Port Management specializations. Topics included the ship management market, technical ship management, marine human resources, and digitalization in shipping. 

Mutually beneficial relationships between WMU as the preeminent maritime academic institution and the maritime industry are indispensable. Creating educational partnerships with the maritime industry is a key priority under the Academic Agenda WMU@50, a plan outlining strategic directions for the academic development of the University until WMU celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2033. WMU gratefully acknowledges the valuable support provided by NSB to the University and its students. It is hoped that other industry partners are following this example and initiate similar collaboration.

About the NSB GROUP
NSB GROUP is a maritime service company with headquarters in Buxtehude, Germany with locations in Singapore, the Philippines, Korea and China. Its history goes back to 1982. In addition to traditional technical management, the services offered by the ship management company include commercial management, crew management and training, insurance services, engineering and newbuilding. In total, NSB manages a fleet of about 60 ships. NSB GROUP employs around 150 people on land and 1,700 at sea worldwide. 

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