Peter & Jane Muirhead E-Learning Centre

WMU is pleased to announce the donation of 70,000 USD from WMU Professor Emeritus Peter Muirhead and his wife, Mrs. Jane Muirhead.  Their generous gift will serve as the foundation for financing the Peter and Jane Muirhead E-Learning Centre that will be used primarily by the Maritime Education and Training (MET) specialization for education and research purposes.

On 17 June, Dr. Muirhead and his wife Jane were at WMU to announce the gift and receive a presentation about the concept of the E-Learning Centre by Associate Professor Michael Manuel, Head of MET. The Centre will be located in the new WMU facilities at Tornhuset and will be equipped with state-of the-art technology to support education and research utilizing e-learning platforms. The Centre will further WMU’s outreach to the global maritime community via technological tools as well as enhance the learning experience of those who are physically present at the University.

After the presentation, Dr. Muirhead addressed the group which included WMU staff as well as the current MET students. He remarked on the success of WMU over the past three decades noting that from humble beginnings it has evolved into “one of the world’s best examples of cooperative international education.” He spoke of the important role that e-learning has to play in the future success of WMU’s global outreach ambitions, noting he and Jane are pleased to be able to contribute to the expansion of such efforts. He emphasized the goal of the gift is to advance the delivery of WMU’s E-education to encourage outreach programs to alumni and MET institutions in a global context.

Originally from England, Dr. Muirhead is an Extra Master Mariner who spent nearly two decades at sea before joining the Australian Department of Transport in 1973. During his time in Australia, he was involved in the foundation and establishment of the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in Launceston, Tasmania where he served as Head of the School of Nautical Studies from 1986-1993. In 1985 he earned a M.Sc. degree from University of Wales, Cardiff where he focused on investigating the development and use of ship handling simulators for training and assessment. He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy with commendation by Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2002 as a result of six years of investigation into the impact of new technology and teaching methodologies on global Maritime Education and Training into the 21stcentury.

Dr. Muirhead joined WMU in 1993 and served as the Inmarsat Professorial Chair in Maritime Education and Training until 2004. His wife Jane played an instrumental supporting role during their time in Sweden making strong connections with students and their families, staff, and visiting professors.   Following his retirement from WMU in 2004, Professor Muirhead continued to support the University as an Adjunct Professor through on-going teaching, research, and publications. He is the co-author of Practical Teaching Skills for Maritime Instructors of which the third edition was published by WMU in 2013. At the 2013 WMU graduation ceremony, Dr. Muirhead was conferred the title of Professor Emeritus in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the university and the international maritime community over the past 21 years.

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