Record Number of PhD Graduates in 2017
November 7, 2017 - 12:31pm

At the 2017 WMU Graduation Ceremony on 5 November, a record number of six candidates were awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Affairs. There are now 17 PhD graduates from 15 countries.

President Doumbia-Henry remarked, “For such a specialized institution, the size of WMU, six Doctor of Philosophy graduates in one year is nothing short of impressive. These individuals have further developed their maritime specialization to the highest academic level across a broad spectrum of issues related to the International Maritime Organization’s mission of maritime safety, security and environmental protection. Their specialized expertise and research will benefit not only their home countries, but the maritime community as a whole.”

Since its founding in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the World Maritime University has established a reputation as a global center for postgraduate maritime education, research, and capacity building. In 2003, the first candidates enrolled in the PhD programme which offers the opportunity to further develop maritime specialization on research topics related to maritime safety, security, technology and energy, education, environment, shipping management, administration, and law and policy. Research at WMU directly relates to current and future issues of importance to the maritime sector and the results are contributing to policy development at IMO and its Technical Cooperation mission.

WMU’s PhD programme offers unrivaled access to international maritime experts both inside and outside academia, and to organizations working at the forefront of research and development. WMU doctoral candidates come from industry, academia and the government sector. Flexible enrollment patterns allow candidates to carry out their research either at WMU or their location of choice such as with their employer. World-renowned WMU faculty serve as supervisors with many maritime specialists serving as co-supervisors.

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Dr. Safaa Abdul Hussein Jaiyz Alfayyadh

Dissertation Title: Development of the Framework for a Lean, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Port: Umm Qasr Port as a Case Study
Dr. Lawrence Kuroshi

Dissertation Title: Design and evaluation of Ballast Water Management Systems using Modified and Hybridized Axiomatic Design Principles
Dr. Derek Lambert
South Africa

Dissertation Title: Improving learning outcomes within a developing maritime nation lacking practical resources through the introduction of classroom technology. A case study at a South African University of Technology.
Dr. Tafsir Matin Johansson

Dissertation Title: Abandoned Vessel and Derelict Management in a Canadian Federal Context: Strategic Proposals and Pragmatic Alternatives Based on Legal Interpretation, International Law & European Union Best Practice
Dr. Kana Nkasanga Patrick Mutombo
South Africa

Dissertation Title: A Holistic Risk-Oriented Framework for Port Infrastructure Adaptation to Climate Change
Dr. Glenn Wright
United States of America

Dissertation Title: Virtual Aids to Navigation

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