Record Ph.D. Enrollment

At the close of 2013, there is a record enrollment of 19 students in the Ph.D. program. From 2-13 December, nine of the students participated in courses offered by Associate Professor Michael Manuel, who is a 2009 graduate of WMU's Ph.D. and joined WMU in 2013 as a faculty member. 

Over the two-week period, the students participated in a two-day course on Technical and Commercial Maritime Knowledge to provide a holistic view of the maritime industry and the technical management of ships and shipping.

A successive eight-day course on Social Research Methods provided an introduction to research methods with particular emphasis on social science research. The WMU Ph.D. in Maritime Affairs offers many technical subject areas. Despite the specialist and technical knowledge underpinning most WMU research work at the Doctoral level, the course explored invariable connections to different social contexts and related management, administrative, and policy issues.

WMU's Ph.D. program offers students the opportunity to carry out research across the maritime field, but with an emphasis on issues related to the International Maritime Organization's mission of maritime safety, security, and environmental protection. The flexible program allows for full or part-time study over a three to six year period. For more information about the program, click here.

The current 19 Ph.D. candidates are listed below by country. 

  • Jian Zhao, China
  • Annukka Pekkarinen, Finland
  • Safaa Al-Fayyadh, Iraq
  • Omran Radhi Thani, Iraq
  • Daisy Romanini, Italy
  • Anete Logina, Latvia
  • Peter Egbegi, Nigeria
  • Lawrence Kuroshi, Nigeria
  • Olugbenga Leke Oyewole, Nigeria
  • Syed Raza Ali Mehdi, Pakistan
  • Derek G. Lambert, South Africa
  • Kana Mutombo, South Africa
  • Sindiswa Nhlumayo, South Africa
  • Theresa Williams, South Africa
  • Jennie Folkunger, Sweden
  • Jonas Pålsson, Sweden
  • Martin Conroy, USA
  • Justin Moyer, USA
  • Glenn Wright, USA






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