Registrar for International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea Lectures for WMU

Ms Ximena Hinrichs Oyarce, Registrar of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), recently lectured for students in the Maritime Law & Policy specialization. Ms Hinrichs’ lecture complemented the core instruction by resident faculty for the Law of the Sea and Protection of the Marine Environment course. 

The specific focus of her lecture was ITLOS and the dispute settlement mechanism under Part XV of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) related to the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes. In the first part of the lecture, she gave an overview on the development of Part XV including its main features, operation, procedures, and the `Montreux compromise.' She utilized cases dealt with by the Tribunal to highlight the challenges to the system created by the Convention. For the second part of the lecture, she emphasized Art 292 related to the prompt release of vessels and crews.

Ms Hinrichs Oyarce began her career at the International Maritime Organization in 1995, moving to the Legal Office of the Tribunal in 1997. She served as Senior Legal Officer/Head of Legal Office from 2013 until her election as Deputy Registrar in 2017. Ms Hinrichs Oyarce was elected as the Registrar of the Tribunal in September 2019.

The Malmö MSc in Maritime Affairs is a 14-month programme with seven specializations: Maritime Education & Training; Maritime Energy Management; Maritime Law & Policy; Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration; Ocean Sustainability, Governance and Management; Port Management, and Shipping Management & Logistics. Foundation studies are taught in the first term and cover the introductory knowledge that is fundamental to all activities in the maritime field. Three successive terms focus on specialization studies and a dissertation. WMU has more than 150 Visiting Lecturers annually from around the world who contribute their expertise to enrich the education of WMU students. 

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