Sixth Annual KR-CON Donation
April 21, 2017 - 9:11am

On 18 April, President Doumbia-Henry welcomed Mr. CHA, Moo-Jae, General Manager of the Copenhagen Branch Office of the Korean Register of Shipping (KR), who presented the sixth consecutive donation of the KR-CON system to WMU faculty and students. The web version was provided to students and staff in February and the most recent USB version that was released on 1 April 2017, Version 15, was distributed after Mr. CHA’s presentation of the KR-CON system. The monetary value of the gift is substantial.

“The Korean Register of Shipping has provided tremendous support to WMU over the years, including this sixth donation of KR-CON. The impressive compilation of important IMO instruments and valuable materials is of great benefit to our students and faculty. We are grateful to KR for their ongoing and generous support of WMU which promotes our capacity building mission and in turn, safer shipping globally,” stated President Doumbia-Henry.

KR-CON is an international, award-winning database program of IMO instruments issued by KR under an agreement with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Thanks to the generosity of KR, KR-CON has been used as part of the training materials available to students at WMU since 2012. The system builds on IMO Conventions with additional links to visual materials such as photos and videos to help with understanding IMO instruments. The Consolidated Edition contains the latest IMO Conventions as well as all historical data, and the powerful word search function allows for sorting and customizing searches to define regulations that apply to a specific vessel. It also provides for anticipating regulations that are coming into force.

In addition to the annual KR-CON donations, KR donated funds for the University’s new premises, sponsors KR staff members to study in the M.Sc. programme, and hosts WMU students on field study visits to the Republic of Korea. 

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April 21, 2017

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