Strengthening Synergies between Maritime and Aviation in the Field of Human Factors

As a partner in the SAFEMODE project, WMU is contributing to strengthening synergies between maritime and aviation in the field of human factors.The project falls under Horizon 2020; H2020-MG-2018-2020 Mobility for Growth Call. It brings together partners from both the maritime and aviation sectors representing academia, industry, and research centres as well as  small and medium- sized enterprises across Europe and internationally from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Russian Federation. 

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU President, noted the importance of the SAFEMODE project and as it relates to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 that is focused on partnerships. "The SAFEMODE project represents a new opportunity to forge partnerships and bridge the gaps between maritime and aviation transport with a view toward improved safety overall. Addressing the human element is critical in reducing transport risks and WMU is pleased to be a partner in this groundbreaking research that contributes to European and international cooperation in transport safety," she said.

The three-year project aims to develop a novel Human Risk Informed Design (HURID) framework in order to identify, collect and assess Human Factors data to inform risk-based design of systems and operations. This aim has not been achieved previously at a desirable level due to the unavailability of systematically collected data and lack of cooperation between different transport modes.

The intended outcome of the project is to reduce risks for safety critical situations, (e.g. mid-air collisions, grounding, evacuation, runway excursions etc.) through the enhancement of human performance. This will be achieved through investigation of past accidents, incidents, near-misses, reports, data from everyday operations, including previously unknown uncertainties such as increasing levels of automation and increasing numbers of drones in transportation.

Dr. Raphael Baumler, Associate Professor and Head of Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration, is the WMU Principal Investigator. WMU is leading the “Policy recommendations, institutionalization and exploitation activities” work package focused on institutionalization and standardization of outcomes by interacting with policy makers and regulatory authorities. WMU’s contribution will enhance capacity-building and education through the development of material for policy-makers, training institutions and industry, thus contributing to EU leadership regarding safety in transport.

To learn more about the EU funded Horizon 2020 SAFEMODE research project, click here.

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