The Government of Sweden proposes that the International Maritime Organization be permitted to award degrees through the World Maritime University

Press release published 10 May 2021 by the Government of Sweden

<indent-large>A proposal has been made to amend the law on the right to award degrees. This will enable the Government to grant the right to award degrees in Sweden to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), through the World Maritime University (WMU).<indent-large>

<indent-large>The proposal under consideration is that the Government should grant the power to award Swedish-accredited degrees in the maritime field to the IMO through WMU. The University is established within the framework of IMO, and the approval of the Swedish Parliament is required to award such power to an international organization.<indent-large>

<indent-start>“Sweden is proud to be WMU’s host nation, and places great value on the work the University carries out. Education is a key issue to ensure the implementation of global law that governs the seas, and to enable the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, not least those for the oceans and marine resources,” said Matilda Ernkans, Minister for Higher Education and Research.<indent-start>

<indent-start>“The maritime sector needs greater gender equality. Of the 1.2 million employees in the maritime sector, women make up just 2%. Education plays an decisive role in this matter, and WMU has made a contribution to increasing the proportion of women in the maritime industry. The Government would like to see this work strengthened further. To award the power to issue degrees to WMU is an important means of strengthening this development,” commented the Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth.<indent-start>

<indent-large>WMU is located in Malmö and is the only UN institution headquartered in Sweden. It offers university-level programmes of education and carries out research in the maritime field. WMU has applied for permission to award the degrees of Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Sweden.<indent-large>

<indent-large>The change to the law is proposed to take effect from 1 January 2022.<indent-large>

To access the original Swedish text for the Regeringskansliet press release, click here.

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