US Friends of WMU Donation to Benefit Distance Learning

The World Maritime University (WMU) is pleased to announce the donation of 50,000 USD from the United States Friends of WMU. The generous gift from the US Friends will be used to upgrade the University’s video conferencing equipment to meet the challenges posed to maritime education, training, and the University’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strengthened online capabilities will benefit WMU faculty and staff in the delivery of WMU’s academic programmes and annual distance learning programmes, as well as the students that are learning remotely. The University’s leadership and members of WMU’s governance bodies will also benefit from the improved virtual meeting capabilities.

In addition, the American Petroleum Institute has donated a beautifully detailed Overseas Shipholding Group tanker ship model. The US Friends will cover the cost of shipping the model to WMU, where it will be displayed on the University premises.

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry,President of WMU, welcomed the gifts saying, “On behalf of WMU, I thank the US Friends for their continued and tremendous commitment to supporting the work of the University. They have been committed to WMU since the early days of the University, and we look forward to the continued partnership for years to come.”

In conveying the donation, Ms. Caryn Hederman, Esq., President and Director of the US Friends of WMU, expressed appreciation on behalf of the Board of Directors for President Doumbia-Henry’s efforts to advance WMU’s maritime education and training mission through this challenging year. “In honor of your leadership, US Friends' long-standing respect for and faith in the World Maritime University's mission, and with this year's challenges in mind, the US Friends of WMU Board of Directors is pleased to provide this contribution to enhance WMU's videoconferencing capabilities.”

The US Friends of WMU was established in 1984 by Rear Admiral Sheldon Kinney, who was a distinguished US Navy veteran and former Rector (President) of WMU. To learn more about the US Friends of WMU and their ongoing support to the University, click here.

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