WMU Class of 2022 in Dalian Reaches Gender Equality Record

On 21 June, classes began for students in the World Maritime University’s (WMU) MSc in Maritime Safety and Environmental Management (MSEM) specialization offered in partnership with Dalian Maritime University (DMU) in Dalian, China. The 41 new students are all from China and attended classes in person aside from five who joined online. 

The MSEM Class of 2022 sets a new record for gender parity in the MSEM programme with 21 female students representing 50 per cent of the enrolment. A WMU gender parity record of 50/50 was first set in the Class of 2019 International Transport and Logistics (ITL) MSc programme delivered in partnership with Shanghai Maritime University in Shanghai, China. 

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of WMU, remarked on the gender equality milestone as well as the ongoing success of WMU’s China programmes saying, “I am very pleased that we have for this new academic year a healthy increase in the student numbers for our China programmes in both Dalian and Shanghai. In addition, I am delighted that the MSEM programme in Dalian has reached a gender equality record with women representing 50 per cent of the enrolment.” 

The MSEM Class of 2022 began their studies with a course in “Maritime Safety Standards” led by Professor Liu Zhengjiang, former Vice President of DMU and a WMU graduate. The students include officials from the China Maritime Safety Administration, DMU lecturers, former seafarers, overseas project managers and recent DMU BSc graduates. It is one of the largest classes of the MSEM programme which was established in 2005 in collaboration with DMU to meet the maritime industry’s demand for high-level specialized maritime professionals in China. To date, more than 556 (excluding 35 who will graduate this year) have graduated from WMU with the MSEM specialization. 

To learn more about the MSEM programme in Dalian, click here.

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