WMU Contributes to Cyber-MAR project to prepare for emerging and future cyber-attacks

The kickoff meeting for the EU funded Horizon 2020 research project, Cyber-MAR, took place from 18-20 September in Porto Heli, Greece. The objectives of the 36-month project state: “Cyber-MAR is an effort to fully unlock the value of using cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting in the peculiarities of the maritime sector, but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors.”

WMU will lead work package WP6 “Training and Awareness Raising” aimed at providing cyber-security professionals with the highest degree of scenario-based curricula in simulated real-world cases and to build a modern training approach. WMU will also contribute to the work packages focused on Econometric model development and Econometric model validation.

Through Cyber-MAR, maritime logistics value chain actors will increase their cyber-awareness level and validate their business continuity management towards minimizing their business disruption potential. Cyber-MAR will also provide a cost-efficient training solution covering the maritime logistics value chain.

At the kickoff meeting, Dr. Aykut I. Ölçer, WMU Professor and Director of Research, made a presentation about WMU and its research activities. WMU Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator for the project, Dr. Fabio Ballini, led the discussion concerning WMU’s activities to implement on the Cyber-MAR project specifically and Dr. Monica Canepa, Project Officer, illustrated the actions that will be developed in the work packages involved. A WMU finance team also attended the financial and administrative project sessions.

Participation in the project supports WMU’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 4 focused on inclusive and equitable quality education for all, as well as Goal 9 focused on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. WMU’s maritime research agenda is further strengthened by contributing to the Cyber-Mar project, in particular the “Maritime Safety and Security”, and “Maritime Energy Management” Research Priority Areas.

For more information: www.cyber-mar.eu

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