WMU Delivers Seminal Anti-corruption Training Focused on the Maritime Sector

For the seventh consecutive year, the World Maritime University (WMU) provided its Malmö-based Masters students with training on combating corruption in the maritime sector. The Maritime Business Integrity and Corruption Awareness (CORA) Seminar was held on 20 October in partnership with the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN).

The training highlighted the various approaches that governments, the private sector and seafarers from around the world have applied to tackle corruption in the maritime sector, including demands for bribes and facilitation payments. A highlight of the seminar was a hands-on exercise based on selected case studies that elicited creative solutions from students regarding how to address the scourge of corruption.

The seminar included a presentation from a graduating student who studied the most recent data concerning maritime corruption in the context of port state control for the purpose of their dissertation. The data was kindly provided by MACN in furtherance of the multiyear collaboration with WMU.

The course has been well received annually and the students have expressed interest in expansion of the seminar’s programme due to its relevance.

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