Martin E. Conroy, Jr.

Research Intern
United States
LLM. Maritime Law, London Metropolitan University
MSc. Maritime Management, Maine Maritime Academy
BSc. Marine Transportation, Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Master of United States Steam or Motor Vessels, Oceans
Master of Towing Vessels, Oceans
First Class Pilot, Apra Harbor, Guam


Captain Conroy received his LLM at London Metropolitan University in 2011. His dissertation considered the role of the shipmaster in counter-piracy. He has sailed in the American Merchant Marine since 1976, including 26 years as Master of container, heavy lift and Ro/Ro ships. He is currently at sea, engaged in counter-terror, force protection and dynamic positioning operations.


1976 - 1987) Deck Officer, US Merchant Ships in worldwide commercial service

(1987 - 2013) American Overseas Marine Corporation, Quincy MA Master of Container, Ro/Ro and Heavy Lift Ships

(2000 - 2006) Master, USNS Stockham, design, conversion and operation as Afloat Forward Support Base for counter-terrorism operations

(1998 - Present) Dover Development, Ship Management and Energy Systems Integration


  • Develop, manage and complete emergency and routine shipyard projects
  • Assemble and manage inter-disciplinary teams
  • Manage emerging situations without extensive structure and support
  • Design, construction and conversion of specialized ship types
  • Design, construction and operation of shipboard helicopter facilities
  • Shiphandling and navigation in underdeveloped and damaged ports
  • Dynamic Positioning systems
  • Electronic navigation and vessel management systems
  • Loading, securing, carriage and discharge of non-unitized cargo
  • Ship security, anti- and counter- piracy and terrorism
  • Traditional and Maritime Security Program reflagging
  • High level experience in Office, Project, PowerPoint and HTML
  • Incident Command System