All candidates must complete the application form and the detailed research proposal outlining the objectives and methodology of their research; both these forms are available below. In addition, they should arrange two letters of academic reference from people familiar with their suitability for doctoral research.

Certified copies of transcripts and certificates (including the results of an internationally recognised test of English language) supporting the qualifications listed on the form, must be attached (The transcript must show the grade awarded for the Master's dissertation). When an academically cleared candidate has paid the registration fee, enrolment can be finalised. At this point, each candidate will receive a medical report form, which must be returned to the University, along with a formal declaration that the candidate accepts the conditions of his/her enrolment.

Closing dates and application outcomes 
There are no cut-off dates for submitting your application. Applicants, who have provided the University with all the supporting documents required for an assessment to proceed, should receive their application outcome by e-mail within 12 weeks from the date of application.