"Thanks to the high professionalism of World Maritime University the course gave me a new enriched knowledge. I especially appreciated the team of superior experts from the oil and gas industry conducting the lecturing."

"WMU is indeed center for advancement in Maritime knowledge."

"A highly valuable course that trains you to think about how you can improve your knowledge."

"A highly educative and informative course and excellent and wonderful experience."

"The knowledges and experience gained during the course will improve the quality of the simulator training I teach."

For us as a tanker owner it is a vital part of our safety culture, to develop training scenarios with an real expert organization like the WMU. Not only with regard to our demanding customers, but also with regard to safety of our crew and environment. The cooperation with WMU

is in all respects beneficial and improved our efforts towards accident prevention and protection of the marine ecosystems.

We, the NIMASA participants on the 2014 Corporate Executive Development Program of the World Maritime University(WMU) have had a wonderful learning experience. We witnessed a blend of professionalism with academics, as exhibited by the Faculty in WMU and both the Academic and Administrative staff lived up to their calling at the highest international standard. As one of the global leaders in Maritime Education & Training, we urge the WMU to keep up the good work.

“WMU was a good venue with a free exchange of views.

The speakers were impressive and successfully passed their knowledge to the participants.”

“Stimulating and perspective broadening.”

“WMU provided a warm and friendly reception for the participants.”