Marine Insurance Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip)

This long-established programme was developed for professionals in the marine insurance industry, and offers a solid academic foundation for practitioners to develop their expertise and their careers. It also offers an opportunity for people who plan to move into the field of marine insurance to gain a thorough understanding of the field. The modules deal with all aspects of marine insurance, and the interconnected aspects of the industry, to provide extensive knowledge and understanding. The programme is offered in partnership with Lloyd’s Maritime Academy which is part of KNect365, a division of Informa plc, one of the world’s leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events businesses. 

Intake in 2020 is subject to confirmation.

Programme Information 

Time frame:    12 months
Credits:           40 EC
Fees:               £ 5,995

Programme Content

The programme consists of five modules each of which is a compulsory element of the programme, and which are assessed by four assignments and a final examination. During the programme you will have additional tutorial support from the programme coordinator.

Principles of Marine Insurance Law: Explores the essential features and peculiarities of law of marine insurance, with particular emphasis on the Marine Insurance Act 1906, as well an introduction into carriage of goods by sea.

Special Categories of Marine Insurance Cover: Investigates all main categories of insurance contracts in the maritime field. It deals with basic insurance cover for the maritime property of the ship owner and cargo owner as well as for protection against other economic risks. Comprehensive explanations of the perils insured against, including collision liabilities, are explored.

P&I Clubs and Mutual Insurance: This method of providing liability insurance to ship operators continues to dominate the market, and the module studies how the P&I Clubs came into existence and why they continue to operate in much the same way. 

Marine Reinsurance: Insurance is a way of transferring the economic consequences of a risk to another party, the insurer. Insurers in their turn further transfer and spread the risk to other insurers by reinsurance. This specialised area is comprehensively scrutinised in this module.

Claims: The module examines the practical procedures and implications related to filing a claim under a marine insurance policy.

More information

Additional information can be found on the Lloyd's Maritime Academy Marine Insurance Postgraduate Diploma programme page or by using the contact information below.

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