Invasive species in the Arctic
Project Duration
September 2012
December 2015
Research Priority Area
Environmental Impact of Maritime Activities
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The Arctic is undergoing significant change as a result of global warming, which will mean increasing ship traffic in the Arctic and conditions more favorable for invasive species. A research agreement with Total Foundation, Assessing and Mitigating the Environmental Impacts of Shipping in the Arctic Focus on the Introduction of Invasive Species and Pathogens, invites close collaboration with the French Research Institute for the Exploration of the Sea (IFREMER). The focus is on the Barents Sea. The research will review international and national legislation regarding ballast water and biofouling management, including existing and future implementation and enforcement procedures. This includes the Ballast Water Management Convention, and responsibilities for operators of maritime activities, port and flag States, and regional and international bodies. The project was signed on 13 September and extends until 31 December 2015 with Total Foundation providing €110,000 in project funding.

After the Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Total created a corporate foundation dedicated to the environment and more specifically to marine biodiversity. In addition, the Total Foundation financially supports research projects and awareness programs in culture, community support, and health. Total Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012. The Foundation also covers other subjects of philantrophy: culture, community, support and health.

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Principal Investigator
Olof Lindén
Professor Emeritus
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