Project description

The Swedish (Government) Civil Contingency Agency has commissioned WMU/MER Research Group, to carry out a research consultancy to assess the recent development in the area of oil splill clean-up techniques.  In connection with, and following the Deep Water Horizon incident, substantial research and development began. The purpose of the WMU work is to assess this development in order to, if necessary, improve the Swedish contingency for oil spill clean-up.  

The MSB Oil Consultancy aims to summarise the latest developments regarding oil spill response innovations around the world. This will be delivered in the form of a report that will highlight possible innovations that can be used in a Swedish context at a local or regional level.    

Principal Investigator

Olof Lindén

Professor, Nippon Chair in Marine Environmental Management, Dr. Linden also holds a part time professorship in Coastal Management at the University of Kalmar.

Project Duration

July, 2013 to October, 2013