Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
Project Duration
January 2014
Research Priority Area
Environmental Impact of Maritime Activities
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At the request of WWF, WMU will produce a report concerning the PSSA (Particularly Sensitive Sea Area) in the Baltic Sea. This report will be used to evaluate and suggest updates and ways to strengthen the PSSA and the Associated protective Measures (APM's) in force today. In light of the future development of shipping in the Baltic Sea area, and also the expected increase in sea use in general, there is a need to review whether the current measures within the PSSA are sufficient to secure sustainable shipping and sea use in the Baltic, and whether the PSSA mechanism allows to tackle some of the most pressing issues in maritime safety and environmental protection, or whether other mechanisms are to be preferred.

Project Report (May 2014):
PSSA in the Baltic Sea: Protection on paper or potential progress?

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Principal Investigator
Olof Lindén
Professor Emeritus
Co-principal investigator
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Project Officer
Aref Fakhry
Associate Professor