the OnTheMosWayNetwork Project
Project Duration
November 2014
November 2015
Research Priority Area
Maritime Energy Management
Project Website

The objectives of OnTheMosWayNetwork Project (OTMW-N) are the understanding and the appreciation of the pros and cons of LNG’s use as a marine fuel; the development of a new culture in all the actors (both onboard and offshore) to understand their role to the safe operation of LNG fuelled ships; bridging the different perspectives that the crew onboard and at the port have, creating a common understanding; bridging the gap in the existing training procedures and the different perspectives on the use of LNG for bunkering.

Principal Investigator
Aykut I. Ölcer
Professor, Director of Maritime Research; Nippon Foundation Professorial Chair in Marine Technology and Innovation; Head, Maritime Energy Management
Co-principal investigator
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Project Officer
Fabio Ballini
Assistant Professor
Dimitrios Dalaklis
Professor, Safety and Security
Momoko Kitada
Associate Professor (Nippon Foundation Post)