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Social security rights of the European resident seafarers - a joint report of the European Transport Workers’ Federation and World Maritime University

Mar 11, 2022
World Maritime University
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This report presents a mapping exercise undertaken to assess whether national laws and regulations in 10 European Union (EU) countries (Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, and Romania), one European Economic Area (EEA) country (Norway) and the United Kingdom (UK), provide for coverage to seafarers residing in EU/EEA Member States, Switzerland (CH) or the UK. A qualitative methodology combining desktop research and empirical legal analysis was used to gather data as to the particularities of their legal framework and how it works in practice. The focus is on the cross-border nature of the profession and whether the regulatory framework provides for effective communication, cooperation and coordination among the relevant countries for the employment relationship and its social security aspects as well as its operation in practice.

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