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Oct 1, 2018
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The WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs (WMU JoMA) is an international journal that covers the subject areas of maritime safety, marine environment protection and shipping operations and gives, in this context, special attention to the human element and the impact of technology. WMU JoMA is for professionals in maritime administration, industry and education.

It aims at serving the international maritime community by presenting fresh ideas and current thinking on subjects of topical interest, reporting on relevant research findings and addressing interrelationships between safety, environment protection and efficiency of maritime transport.

WMU JoMA was originally set up in October 2002.

From 1 January 2011 the journal is published by Springer. For more information, instructions to authors and online submission refer to the WMU JoMA webpage at Springer.

Structure of the Journal

WMU JoMA comprises of the following sections:


The papers published in this section report on genuine research. All articles in this section are peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. Reviewers are usually members of the editorial board. However, relevant experts are asked to review submitted manuscripts if the topic of a manuscript suggests this.

Issues of Contemporary Interest

Many issues in maritime affairs are not always covered by traditional and genuine research. In addition valuable lessons can be learnt through reports on best practice or critical discussions from the practitioner's point of view. This is why WMU JoMA strongly encourages experts in the maritime industry and administrations to express their views on issues of contemporary interest in this section. Papers published in this section are also peer-reviewed.

Reports and Comments

WMU JoMA wishes to facilitate research activities. To this end a report and comments section has been introduced. This section will publish a maximum of two papers of usually not more than four pages. These papers allow PhD students, research teams or readers of WMU JoMA to report on their projects or to comment on articles. The research reports will report especially on projects at an early stage in order to provide feedback to the researchers involved from the WMU JoMA community.

Other sections in WMU JoMA

In addition WMU JoMA considers the inclusion of book reviews and a conference calendar if suitable manuscripts and/or conference information/reviews are available.


Inquiries about subscriptions from 2011 onwards should be made directly with Springer. There is a limited number of back issues of Volumes 1 to 9 available at WMU. If you wish to inquire about the availability of back issues and prices, contact: