Distance Learning Graduation Ceremony 2021

A virtual graduation ceremony for World Maritime University (WMU) graduates in the distance learning programmes was held on 4 November. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible for the students to travel to Malmö, Sweden for the annual graduation ceremony that took place earlier in the week. Therefore the graduation ceremony for the distance learning programmes was held entirely virtually. Overall, the 2021 WMU graduation ceremonies bring the total number of graduates to 5,632 from 171 countries.

The Class of 2021 distance learning graduates include 79 students from 31 countries. The programmes represented include the International Maritime Law LLM, and for the postgraduate diploma programmes, International Maritime Law, Executive Maritime Management, Maritime Energy, and Marine Insurance Law & Practice. The graduates have received the education required to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in their home countries as well as within the broader maritime and ocean community. 

In a pre-recorded address, HE Mr Kitack Lim, the first International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General and WMU Chancellor to hold a MSc degree from WMU, thanked the City of Malmö and the Government of Sweden for their continued generosity and support in hosting the University, as well as the many donors for their ongoing commitment to the WMU mission and its sustainability. He highlighted the strength of the interdisciplinary studies offered at WMU that ensure the graduates are well-rounded, informed, intelligent and focussed individuals, with a holistic approach to maritime and oceans issues. Addressing the graduates directly he said: “Together, you form a mighty international network, and a great force for good in the world. You are the next generation of maritime leaders. You have been equipped to work in the international maritime community and its success rests on your shoulders. Do not forget that it will be our concerted efforts that will ensure that our beautiful oceans are passed onto future generations.”

In addressing the graduates, WMU President, Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, highlighted that the Class of 2021 had completed their degrees wholly during the time of COVID-19. “You have risen above the challenges and circumstances faced during this pandemic. You have been strengthened by the education you have received and have magnificently achieved what you have set out to accomplish. Your studies will contribute to your strength of character and determination over the decades to come,” she said. She emphasized the important role the graduates will play in rebuilding after the pandemic, to build a cleaner, greener world, with low and zero carbon emissions from ships and ports. She added, “The oceans are a precious resource: make sure you do your best to protect them.” She also called on the graduates to fight for a world with greater gender equality, and to play their part in empowering women and girls.

Student awards made during the ceremony include: the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Distance Learning Prize was awarded to Ms Natasha Clark (Ireland). The Richard Charvet Scholarship for the Postgraduate Diploma in Law was awarded to Ms Silke Christiane Muschitz (Germany), and the Richard Charvet Scholarship for the Master of Laws was awarded to Ms Sofia Zarubenko (Russia).

WMU’s programmes by distance learning are designed to offer flexibility to meet the educational needs of maritime professionals, organizations and administrations, and to build maritime capacity globally. They contribute to meeting the need for expertise across the international maritime community, offering a blend of academic theory and business practice. They are delivered by the University directly, or in partnership with leading providers of maritime training and education.

Additional WMU Graduation Ceremonies in 2021

The first WMU graduation ceremony of 2021 took place on 5 September for 35 graduates in WMU’s MSc in Maritime Safety and Environmental Management (MSEM) offered in cooperation with Dalian Maritime University in Dalian, China. Graduation for 28 students in the MSc in International Transport and Logistics (Shipping & Finance) (ITL) offered in cooperation with Shanghai Maritime University took place in Shanghai, China on 19 September. On 31 October, graduates from the Master of Science in Maritime Affairs and the PhD programme participated in the Class of 2021 graduation ceremony that was held in Malmö, Sweden. The final graduation ceremony for 2021 will take place in a virtual ceremony on 4 November for graduates of WMU distance learning programmes.

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