Use Oriented Design and Development, Evolvable Software Products, End User Development

Dr. Johan Bolmsten is an Academic Information Manager and Lecturer of Maritime Education and Training (MET) at the World Maritime University (Sweden). He holds a Masters in Science in Information Systems from the Blekinge Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Participatory Design and socio-technical infrastructure development from the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Bolmsten is developing curricula and teaching Knowledge Management and the use of E-Learning and Learning Management Systems in Curriculum Design, Delivery & Assessment. He has experience from research and development projects in maritime knowledge clusters, including coordinating projects with the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) and International Maritime Lectures Association (IMLA). Bolmsten's research interests include user-oriented development of Information Communication Technologies with high-requirements of usefulness and usability, sustainable Information Infrastructures, and end-user development. He is also coordinating an e-learning lab for state of the art education and research applications in MET.

In addition, Bolmsten has extensive experience from managing the development of E-Learning and Learning Management Systems in support of both blended and distance-learning delivery approaches. He is coordinating the development of pedagogical designs and materials, and their technical architectures, for master, executive and professional, and research programs and courses.