Project description

Seed funding to write a research proposal on the topic of Maritime Innovation Management. The purpose of the research project is to develop the field of innovation management in the maritime sector. Exploring the interface between maritime academies (students and research), business (industry as well as sme:s) and public demands (as communicated through policy, public authorities and government led maritime organizations/businesses). More specifically, it is proposed to develop an overall methodology, educational modules and cooperation around innovation management with a base in training and education.

Project Officer

Johan Bolmsten

Use Oriented Design and Development, Evolvable Software Products, End User Development

Dr. Johan Bolmsten is an Academic Information Manager and Lecturer of Maritime Education and Training (MET) at the World Maritime University (Sweden). He holds a Masters in Science in Information Systems from the Blekinge Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Participatory Design and socio-technical infrastructure development from the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Michael Ekow Manuel

Dr. Michael Ekow MANUEL was until May 2013 the Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies at the Regional Maritime University in Ghana.  Previous to that, he was Head of Research and Consultancy at the same Institution.  He is a Master Mariner and worked on ships for eleven years culminating in an appointment as Master (Ship Captain).

He holds degrees in Maritime Affairs (MSc.) and Maritime Administration (PhD) from the World Maritime University with ITF and Sheldon Kinney Fellowships respectively.

Project Duration

June, 2018 to April, 2019