Raphael Baumler
Acting Head of MSEA, Associate Professor.
Ph.D. Risk Management, University of Evry
M.Sc. Crisis Management, University of Artois

Raphael Baumler holds a Ph.D. in Risk Management and focuses his academic work on the impact of the vessel’s socioeconomical environment on safety and environment.

Primarily educated as a dual officer, he has worked on various types of vessels. Dr. Baumler spent 20 years in a seafaring career. He ended this occupation after six years as Master on a large container ship. His sea life drove him to work as Staff Captain on a cruise ship, and he completed various assignments as dual Junior Officer on board container ship, ferry, VLCC and supply vessel.

He participates or leads IMO national and regional workshops on MARPOL Annex VI and Ballast Water Management Convention.

He conducted various IMO projects and participated in several other research projects.