International comparison of the management and oversight of anchorages outside the jurisdictions of major public ports: international comparisons and options
Project Duration
December 2018
April 2019
Research Priority Area
Maritime Law, Policy and Governance
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The project "International Comparison of the Management and Oversight of Anchorages Outside the Jurisdictions of Major Public Ports: International Comparisons & Options" deals with the following components:

Component 1: An International comparison and assessment of industry best practices;

  • To review the management and oversight approaches of anchorages outside public ports similar in nature to major Canadian ports such as Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, Quebec, and Halifax.

Component 2: The assessment of international frameworks to evaluate sites based on site characteristics and to manage and oversee anchorages that could be implemented in Canada;

  • Propose options to identify, manage and oversee anchoring sites at major ports (e.g. Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax) that balance safety, economic, environmental, cultural and social issues and concerns.
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Principal Investigator
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Co-principal investigator
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Project Officer
Tafsir Matin Johansson
Assistant Professor (Research/Ocean Sustainability, Governance & Management)
Satya Sahoo
Assistant Professor