WMU attracts students from around the world with a specific emphasis on providing financial support to students from emerging and developing economies. Scholarship support will expand these efforts by increasing our ability to make sure that students from all walks of life and countries have access to the best maritime and ocean education available.


We welcome investments in WMU’s specific research and academic programmes through multi-year commitments or endowment investments.


The International Labor Organization estimates that only 1.5% of the world’s maritime workforce is made up of women. We are working to substantially increase this number by bringing a greater level of gender parity into the industry. Women currently make up about a third of the annual intake at WMU. Support for our gender parity initiatives will help us ensure that we continue to increase the annual intake of women and offer special programming to support and empower our female alumni.


WMU boasts a powerful alumni network with former students now serving in leadership positions around the world. With over 35 years of success in educating maritime and ocean leaders, we aim to continue strengthening the alumni network by hosting regional events and conferences to underpin real world application and their impact. Support for our alumni will further strengthen this community to be an important nexus for collaboration within the maritime sector.

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